Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Riddle Me This

For the past couple of days the kids have been preoccupied with making up riddles for each other to figure out. Most of them are pretty much like the knock knock jokes kids make up. Silly to them, but kind of makes the grown up scratch their head. But today, I'm so proud, my 6 year old boy came up with this riddle all on his own.

What is milky, shaky, and hairy?

I'll tell you all tomorrow...think it over a bit.

UPDATE: the answer is.....a coconut. :D

Monday, April 20, 2009

Because I would Feel Bad

Have you ever debated something with yourself. Yep, not pretty. But I have finally won the argument to promote my other blog here for one short moment. The reasoning...well, I would feel bad if some of my closest friends and family didn't know that I was handing out freebies and then didn't include them. Just think ahead to the next reunion or get-together...yeah!!! awkward. ;-)

So without further excuses or meandering please come over to my art blog and give me some love! I am having a giveaway for $50 to my Etsy shop, Always Adorable Boutique. This goes for anything in my shop or even a custom order for something I don't have that you would like for me to make you. No purchase is necessary. But some good old fashioned 'word of mouth' would be greatly appreciated!

And I promise this will be the last thing I ask for this year...hopefully. :D

Well after this next request and then I am done.

I am also trying to create traffic over there with an unusal but fun weekly challenge. I called it Mix-It-Up Mondays Recipe Reviews. Basically it is about breaking out of the culinary comfort zone or not even so much, just to try a new recipe and give your thumbs up or down with some tidbits for others who would feel so inclinded to try it out.

There will be a Mr. Linky to connect your blog and bring people to your site as well if you so choose.

For the giveaway you can click HERE.

For the Recipe Review you can click HERE.