Saturday, April 26, 2008

After hours of internet searches with the word "short hairstyles" I came to one I liked! Plus a little hair color dabbling and ta-da! Also I have to agree with Scully, that foxy in 10 is the way to go!



As a bonus, this cute new 'do' is just what I need to keep me motivated on the stronger, leaner self I buried beneath Aunt Fanny. It does make a difference to help the outside look as close to the inside as possible. If I feel sassy, I am more likely to do those things that help me stay sassy! ;)

By the way, being pampered is AWESOME.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring and All that it Brings

As April seems to be zipping by at an alarming rate, I thought I would recap and then hopefully keep updated on a more frequent basis. Spring is quickly turning into an inferno her in AZ and thought I would share the last of the flowers for those of you wishing spring would at least make an impromptu visit. :) We took our monthy temple grounds walk with the kids today. I couldn't have asked for a nicer evening! Gentle breeze, beautiful flowers, (which if you haven't noticed by now, I am a succor for) and then of course having quality family time. This is one of my favorite family traditions.

Other than this life is going full force with college widow-dom. Thank heavens we only have one more year left! I am pushing certifiably insane. I think the kids are taking it better than I am! We are all looking forward to spring break and our vacation in only two weeks! It has been way too long since we took a road trip and got out of Dodge. And can I say our timing will make our drive to Utah fantastic. Spring is almost dead here, but every where else will be in full bloom, at least I hope so. I have a few more dresses to make and some summer shorts for Darling Boy and then we will be on our way.

Seeing as it is spring, I have IT. The cut-your-locks syndrome. My hair is long enough, again. It seems to hit about every two years to need for "sheer" speed. Cut it all off! And my dear readers, I want some opinions. I am going to color my hair for the first time. Aren't you all proud of me! So even though I am a work in progress, (10 more pounds down!) I am braving a photo of myself.

I am thinking something sassy but doable for someone that might only have one hand available for any length of time. What do you think about going toward the red spectrum of copper chestnut highlights?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

March is Over Already, What?

Did anyone else feel like March disappeared rather to quickly? Good grief!

Easter was lovely. I finished making all the dresses and bows the night before. I wasn't going to even worry about dresses this year and then my wonderful Mom sent me some beautiful light green and blue linen. I couldn't resist! I have learned my lesson, next year I will be started on the dresses around the beginning of the year! So here they are:

Girly actually helped design her little outfit. I had her draw up what she would like to wear and this is pretty close to it. A peasant top with a three tiered skirt.

Monkey calls this her princess dress. Which is quite ironic since almost everyone at church mentioned that she should be snow white for Halloween this year.

Excuse the brush, this was the only way to get a smile and holding still in the same photo. Jelly Beans dress is a sundress with cap sleeves and matching short pants underneath.

Then serendipitously I found a pretty close match for Darling Boy's attire the night before Easter while looking for ribbon for bows come to think of it. Any way here is my dashing little boy:

I am still determined to make him some dress shorts to complete the whole family ensemble for a complete family picture for the year. It shouldn't take to much time, right?

As for the rest of March it was full of packing in spending time outside as summer is nearing with Playdates and March birthday parties. Thank you to all of those who sent me a card or well wishes! It truly made a wonderful birthday for me!