Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas is in the Air

Our typical tradition in my house would mean that our tree was up and donned with Christmas cheer and be well on our way to filling our house with warm goodies and rich smells. I am afraid we are a little behind this year, but do not fear. It might be another week before I can get the tree up, but we are trying something new this year.

Last year we made an ornament for our tree as one of our wholesome (no cost) activities for the holidays. This year I am expanding that idea. Everyday after school work is done, we are breaking out our ornament project for the day for everyday till Christmas. Each day we will add an ornament made by the kids to our bare tree. By Christmas time we should have a spectacle of ornamentation that would make even the biggest Grinch shake in his boots.

Besides what a fun keepsake that they can have at the end of this Christmas season for years to come and hopefully make for a memorable holiday. Each post in December will feature our ornament creation feel free to join in!

*photo by princessangel on flickr

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Takin' a Chill Pill

Good Grief!

I must be certifiably insane trying to homeschool 4 kids ages 8 and under, be a counselor in the Relief Society Presidency, run a household with my hubby MIA with his BSN underway and then...decide a craft show is a good idea!

What was I thinking???

Hence the need for a chill pill. I was so tired today I could barely keep my eyes open because I have been working full time at night sewing till my fingers are pricked purple, drawing until my fingers need splints and going to bed past 2 AM every night...morning....night?

Kind of all blurring together these days. :)

So business, no school, no chores...just chillin' surfing the net and reading my favorite blogs.

Who am I kidding. My over-obsessive tendencies to go full throttle when I have an idea has me speed reading through ehow and making banners, avatars, and product development. But still....

that's chillin' for me.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Yesterday Was a Good Day

I have mentioned before how I am working like a fiend to get all my things done. I have been coloring mini letters for hours late into the night. Do they make mini cuffs for finger sprains? But yesterday, through all the hustle and bustle of schooling the kids, errands, and work, work, work...I decided to take the kids to the park.

It was great! I had intended to sit and color some more, but ended up running around chasing my kids and a handful of neighbor kids around the park being monster until sunset. I am pretty sure the monster has diminished hearing today. ;) I guess my kids had nothing left last night, because as I tucked them in as they dreamily drifted off to sleep with smiles on their faces and not a peep.

It felt good to be a good mom yesterday and the added bonus of peaceful sleeping children at the end of the day, priceless!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted today!

Monday, November 03, 2008

I Must Be Crazy!

But, OH!, so excited about a new journey I am taking. The wild wild world of commerce.

I have been working every evening and Saturdays to get my sites running, researching the how-to, and trying not to be overwhelmed. It is great to finally have a place to put all those ideas circling around my head for so long.

I am also prepping, stressing, working my posterior off before the 13 of December for my Christmas show here in AZ. It's strange to think of myself as a vendor. Ok, back to work!