Monday, October 27, 2008

Hosting a Giveaway!

Go take a peek at Always Adorable's Giveaway!

It is the kick-off for my new site for all those things I should be selling and haven't. :) Have fun!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That

What do you get when you mix walking blindly in the night and a well placed vericose vien?

No Guessers?

Okay, I will throw in a has something to do with a knee height bedpost.

You guessed it Bruisedzilla.

I will reluctantly go by Gimpy, now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Playing Along

I was tagged with naming six unexpected/unusual facts about me by a lovely lady, that I will leave nameless because I am paranoid and would like to rename somewhat nameless to the world of blog for the safety of those cute rugrats I post so often about.

So...without further ado I give you the unusual and unexpected me.

  1. If I was ever able to sleep enough at night again, I would get up every morning before the break of dawn to watch the sunrise. I know, I know...heresy. But honestly once the beams of light start blazing through my window I might as well get up anyway, because sleep just went out the window when the darkness faded.
  2. I can smell things so strongly that I almost taste them. This relates to all smells not just food. So in a way I know what laundry soap tastes like for instance...or the cow fog that blows our way sometimes. Perfume feels like pepper spray up my nose. But on the upswing I can usually tell what a recipe needs by the way it smells.
  3. After my grandparent's home was demolished for greed (yep still bitter) I have felt some what homeless. It was my favorite place in all the world! Even my own home doesn't have the same pull.
  4. I am not a phone talker. I dislike answering my phone. I am not sure why, but I would rather listen to a message and then email the person over having a small talk conversation on the phone.
  5. I love having four seasons with in the year. Having been devoid of those for the past 10 years I am beyond words, thrilled, to be moving to a place with every single glorious season.
  6. I like being cold. During the winter I will still crack my window a smidge so that I can feel the nip of the cold air at night and then pile mountains and mountains of blankets on my self with my feet sticking out.
Probably more than you ever wanted to know about me, but it can't be refuted...I am one of a kind. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Dear!

My impish three year old, Boo, is now a precocious four year old full of every ounce of spirit that she had last year plus some!

There isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't have me rolling in stitches over her girly and tomboyish behaviors. She is game for anything her brother can dish out as long as she looks pretty while doing so.

Each day brings a new and exciting adventure waiting to be discovered by her.

I love the joy and anticipation she holds for everyday.

Life is good at four!

In a Flash

Life can derail so quickly and within a blink or three, get right back on course, only a little worse for the wear. Jellybeans ended up in the hospital for her strange case of fevers. You would think I would get used to this, but at 107.1 degrees, I will admit to freaking out...again.

The answers we were hoping for this last round, that ended up in two overnight stays in the childrens hospital haven't come. The three specialists aren't sure what is going on and our Family Doc can't put his finger on it either. This all means more doctor appointments to hopefully get to the bottom of what ails my baby.

But she is home now and as happy as can be to be eating her food, sleeping in her bed, and playing with her toys! I too am feeling gratitude to having my whole family under one roof these past two nights well and resting.

As for us, tomorrow brings another day of homeschool, college, cleaning, laundry, and finances in a crazy world. Hopefully we can do it with our best foot forward and optimism for doing what we are intended to do!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What is that?

This is your animal cell on jello:

This is your plant cell on jello:

Any questions?

Yes, they did want to taste them. Me? No thank you. I prefer not to eat things that look like primordial ooze.

In Other News:
Homeschool as been fun to say the least! We have been focusing on Family/Personal history for English assignments. This is one of our projects. Leaf crown to show we are from a family tree, but a royal line seeing as we are children of God. I think the kids' favorite part had to be yanking the leaves off the branches to form a big leaf pile. (Thank you Dollar Tree!) For them, a leaf pile is quite the phenomenon here in the land of cactus needles and dead grass.

The African masks were a big hit too. Boo couldn't resist the call of the rainbow. Everything is rainbow these days. Didn't you know? Rainbows are all the preschool fashion!