Monday, July 13, 2009

The Twist and Turns of Life

Some how life doesn't go according to the plans I make for it. Usually for the best, but some what frustrating none the less. It would be nice for things to just "go my way" at least some of the time. The end of the road, did not come as expected or anticipated. 10 credits shy of passing one class Mister will have to stay on one more semester to finish up. Which means, we are close to the end of the road but some what stuck on the shoulder with a flat tire.

As for what to do next, we decided that the kids and I should head for home to my parents house for a few months to save that ever dwindling cash cow from starving while Mister works and studies for his class and his licensing test, the NCLEX.

It isn't quite what I had planned but it seems to be turning out alright. We, the kids and I, miss Mister something aweful. My heart aches every day to see him, but I know it is for the best. Everyone says the time will fly. I sure hope so. It is tough to be seperated from your best friend for so long. I should know too. I moved a lot as a kid. But the kids are having fun playing at Grandpa and Grandma's house doing all those childhood things that I did at my Grandparents house. So far we have managed to run in the sprinklers, make sidewalk chalk master pieces, explore a park near by, run wild around the house only having to check in with mom every so often, staying up late watching movies, and pestering the grandparents with the foibles of youth.

I am doing my best though to enjoy our bit of "vacation" away from the typical day of our normal life. There is adjustments in the sleeping arrangments as we are currently hanging out in my parents fifth wheel trailer. Nice accomidations though, just squishy with four small, rambunctious kids. Sleeping with toddler has also been tricky but we are slowly getting that sorted out too.

I do love the cooler evenings and the time chilling with my parents. The quaint little town they live in is a bit of fresh air from the busting, noisy, hot and crowded place we used to live. I don't live by the clock and that is awesome. Plus I have decided, this is a time to get a little bit of self discovery done to work out those kinks I don't find so flattering in myself. (This means, walking the track everyday for as long as I can.)

I am also trying to get used to sharing an internet updates will come as often as possible but not as often as I would like. Till then...