Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Girly and Darling Boy

It was to much fun making the fun "ice cream cupcakes" although slightly imperfect (not bad for a first try however). And who wouldn't at least feel happy looking at the smiley face cake? We spent the day playing with cousins and friends at a park until we were all so hungry we wanted to pass out. We came back to my house and made delicious homemade pizza pies and bread sticks. With an evening of presents, good company, and cake, I can't think of a happier time for a kid.

"Older and wiser too, Happy Birthday, to you!"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Busy Last Couple of Weeks

I haven't had to much time to write these past couple of days. I have guilt. ;) But to highlight I had my ninth year anniversary. Crazy, I know. I have almost been married a decade. Now that just makes me sound old. heheh I realized that in all that time I haven't had professional family photos taken....ever. What can I say, the time whizzed by faster than expected. That is my goal this year. Plus the immortalizing process of a photo is incentive to finish losing baby weight from four kids, right? ( That or I will always be the one in the back. )

But if an anniversary isn't enough this last few weeks, my oldest is turning 7 and my second is turning 5! Yikes. They are so excited. I wake up to, "Is it my birthday today?" I finally printed out a calender and let them count down. Now I hear from my semi-reclined slumber* in the morning, "Wow! Only___ days left till MY BIRTHDAY!" My third oldest, though is having a tough time with it. Being only 2 is rough news, with her birthday far off. She keeps asking for things like this...."Can have ----- for my birfday cake?" It doesn't matter what it is. It ranges from jelly beans to getting dressed in the morning. Silly kid.

Well off I go to decorate cakes, wrap presents, make party plans, pull something else doing pilates, bake bread, change diapers, referee, play pat-a-cake..........

*I will never take sleeping horizontal for granted again. Baby has a little reflux and needs to sleep most of the time with a more vertical position. Hence, me, baby, and the recliner.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stress Relief 101

What does one do when chocolate has been taken off the menu???
  • Running on my elliptical trainer like a crazy women for 20 minutes in the morning.
  • Training as a contortionist with pilates and yoga during a brief moment called nap-time.
  • Deciding pig tails look like fun, and wearing them in public.
  • Singing silly songs and making funny faces over family dinner with the kids.
  • Making cookies with the children realizing, it is naturally comical when the flour comes poofing out of the Heavy Duty KitchenAide mixer at 55 mph.
  • Sneaking off to the supermarket, before midnight......alone.
  • Getting a foot massage from a professional.
Of course, this is all after two weeks of pure torture whilst I detoxed. ;)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Good Things

The Toothfairy making a trip to our house~Catching..........

This on camera!

And getting to write one's name in the stars with Mister's family.

(the little kids are mine)