Friday, April 27, 2007

Good News???

Had an ultrasound today. By the projections at a little less than 37 weeks she is already 8 lbs 11 oz and has the head of a full term baby. I don't think I have 23 days left. By her head circumference, I am 39 1/2 weeks along. Even if she is in for two more weeks she will weigh almost 11 pounds!!!! Yikes! Any one up for some power walking???? I don't have babies, I have toddlers. ;)

All joking aside, I feel ready and very excited by this news. It is like getting Christmas a little early. I know there could be a potential emergency c-section if her head proves to be to much for me, but I am willing to give a try.....especially since I will have an epidural this time. It is funny that my last will be my first. I have done all my other kids au naturale. My third weighed 9lbs, 3 oz, so she was big too.

But 11 pounds! Oy, 11 pounds.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tag your it!

Four Jobs I Have Had
  • Secretary at Engineering Company
  • Materials Handler at Flow (water jet technology)
  • Domestic Diva
  • Ruler of the World (hand that rocks the cradle.....)
Four Movies I could Watch Over and Over
  • Sabrina (old or new)
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • Pride and Prejudice (old or new)
  • Anne of Green Gables series
Four Places I Have Lived (oh why not list them all?)
  • Moses Lake, Washington
  • Provo, Utah (twice)
  • Mesa, Arizona
  • Apache Junction, AZ (twice)
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Los Alamida, CA (twice)
  • Puyallup, WA
  • Fife, WA
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Federal Way, WA
Four TV Shows I Watch
  • Good Eats w/Alton Brown (Food Network)
  • House Hunters (HGTV)
  • Planet Earth (mini series suggested by Scully)
  • Scrubs (when I am conscious enough to watch that late)
Four Places I Have Gone On Vacation
  • Disneyland
  • Knott's Berry Farm
  • camping in various locations
  • family get-togethers
Four Websites I Visit Daily (as of lately. This will probably be completely different by next week)
Four of My Favorite Foods
  • Seafood Fetticini Alfredo
  • Brownie al a mode, with caramel sauce
  • almost every kind of soup but minestrone, with a grilled cheese sandwich
  • Guacamole (I love the stuff especially on nachos or soft tacos)
Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
Four People I Tag
  • Anyone who would like to seeing as I think I am the last of the link that has participated.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nothing like Nesting

I think I have begun nesting. You know the need to put everything in pristine, complete order before the baby arrives, yeah I am pretty much full boar. This happens every time, usually at the four weeks left mark. I think she is coming a week early, if I don't count all the crazy planning and prepping I did last week. *smiles sheepishly* Thank heavens my mom arrives in about two. Then it won't matter to much if Baby 4 makes an early appearance. Then I will finally be able to rest easy and quite having "water-breaking" dreams every night. (It has the same sensation as dreaming about being in a crowded room completely n.a.k.e.d. but then starting labor and being soaking wet. )

I have been loading the freezer with dinners, all kinds of breads, pancakes, cookie dough, and jams, making bulk instant oatmeal for those morning when that is all that can happen, and cooked beans (easier than canned). Then there is the actual baby items being accounted for, cleaned, and put in its proper place. I finally got her car seat ordered and it should be here next week. Believe it or not I will have four restraining devices in my van now. Two booster seats and two car seats.

And as a bonus, I was able to get almost all of our monthly grocery needs, besides food storage items, for under $200. Next post I will do my tag, about the four things list.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Fun and Sunflowers

Since I am trying not to think about how long/little I have left (6 weeks, maybe) until I burst, I thought a little sharing of our springtime fun would be in order.

Easter was kept extremely simple this year due to early contractions that are more than I want right now. It was fun to surprise the kids after church with baskets full of goodies and fun things to do. I think we caught about 15 good "cheesies" per kid in about 1 minute on film. I actually think their favorite things were the pennies and quarter that filled a couple of the eggs. I couldn't justify tons of candy even for holidays. It causes more tantrum and meltdowns than imaginable and that isn't fun for either party! Plus the kids were just so darn cute! That makes every holiday grand.

We also planted some sunflower seeds. If you want quick results from gardening efforts give these babies a try. Every morning that the kids and I go out to "check" on them/ play before school, those flowers have added an inch or two and a few more leaves are donned. I realized to day that when we have full mammoth sunflowers blossoming out there I will have a newborn. THANK HEAVENS!!!! Now while I am sitting nursing I can lookout my window and gaze at the flowers we grew and my kids playing in them. I must capture some good pictures with them and make portraits this year. Kids and sunflowers are awful darling.

Lately I have been consumed with frugality, thrifty living, and in general living on less. So far I have been scouring the internet for things to read. I found some good info at, and Plus if you can get it at your library, Amy Dacyczyn's, Tightwad Gazette I, II, and III really get the cogs moving for ideas that one could apply to their own life. It is a little ironic and some what funny, that when I first read her books, I tabbed a couple items from each thinking that a lot of this stuff would never work. But as recently my book looks like a florescent green tab monster. heheh I think I am far more serious this time about changing the direction of our financial state than I was a couple of years ago. Plus it would be nice to have my husband home more often instead of working for things that we don't really need or that can be substituted for other thrifty ideas.

The draw back I now have a desire to learn the art of canning. I think I have more hobbies than I can shake a stick at!