Saturday, January 20, 2007

Homeschool Reform: Everyday a Learning Day

Being largely pregnant now, homeschooling has developed some unique challenges that I hadn't realized or suppressed the last time. Granted last time it was only preschool which takes up a lot less time. But this time, with a first grader, preschooler, and a toddler running around things are quite chaotic. Most days I feel like mommy cryptonite is weighing down my already filled pockets. So the most logical thing I could do was to sit down, put my feet up and dig into other homeschooling sites and figure it out. (Which only came after a good cry and rant session to my husband.)

My plan is to do what is right for my family. Which means taking a good look at the way things run around here, not me so much but the schedule and our flow :). I have been trying to get everything done that I need to for homeschool in the morning before anything else gets done, but I realized that unlike the public school model I am the one that has to prepare the meals, attend to squabbles and the like. That takes up time. It was frustrating to only get so far in the day when I had determined that we would be done my midday. But then I realized my extra pressure to finish, isn't helpful to the learning environment or to the development of my children. The solution, make all day an opportunity for expanse. If we need a break for what ever reason, I should take it, using everyday experiences to reinforce the concepts being taught. Think about it. What do you remember most from your education the textbooks or the hands on? For some the textbook is enough, but if one can get your hands dirty, metaphorically speaking some days, the exposure cements that new information.

My goal is to figure out how to make our chaotic family life right now fit into the model of learning all day, whether we be at home, out and about, and doing all those things that are required to keep life running. Learning should be an ongoing process not just one we do from 9am-noon. That is the beauty of schooling at home verses public education, I don't have to be restricted by time or place.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Prodigal Blogger

Surfacing from life for a moment to take a breath, finally. "Vacation" as always is as busy as ever, especially with the stomach flu, doctor appointments, family visits, holidays, and daily upkeep. I was able however, to organize and semi-decorate the kids rooms, my room in preparation for the baby, and the school room minus all our Christmas decor. It did require moving all the beds, piano, my work table, breaking down the computer desk, and heaving the coffee table into place. Oh, and how could I forget the recliner. This has all taught me that I should have lighter furniture or bigger muscles. lol

For special news I was able to squeeze the ultrasound in a couple of weeks ago and found out that I am having another girl!