Thursday, January 11, 2007

Prodigal Blogger

Surfacing from life for a moment to take a breath, finally. "Vacation" as always is as busy as ever, especially with the stomach flu, doctor appointments, family visits, holidays, and daily upkeep. I was able however, to organize and semi-decorate the kids rooms, my room in preparation for the baby, and the school room minus all our Christmas decor. It did require moving all the beds, piano, my work table, breaking down the computer desk, and heaving the coffee table into place. Oh, and how could I forget the recliner. This has all taught me that I should have lighter furniture or bigger muscles. lol

For special news I was able to squeeze the ultrasound in a couple of weeks ago and found out that I am having another girl!


Scully said...

Congratulations! And now that the recliner is in its proper place, maybe you should take a few minutes to relax in it!

Esperanza said...

Yeah! And what will you name her?

Lei said...

congrats on the girl news! i was readign through soem old posts and came across you in one of my comment sections. i was jsut about to deliver myself, so i wasn't keeping very good tabs on my readers. anyway, sorry that i am just now making it over here to say hi. :)

aquamarine said...

Thanks for stopping by lei!

Now for names, I thought I was having a boy, so I am on the search again for just the right fit.