Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Busy Last Couple of Weeks

I haven't had to much time to write these past couple of days. I have guilt. ;) But to highlight I had my ninth year anniversary. Crazy, I know. I have almost been married a decade. Now that just makes me sound old. heheh I realized that in all that time I haven't had professional family photos taken....ever. What can I say, the time whizzed by faster than expected. That is my goal this year. Plus the immortalizing process of a photo is incentive to finish losing baby weight from four kids, right? ( That or I will always be the one in the back. )

But if an anniversary isn't enough this last few weeks, my oldest is turning 7 and my second is turning 5! Yikes. They are so excited. I wake up to, "Is it my birthday today?" I finally printed out a calender and let them count down. Now I hear from my semi-reclined slumber* in the morning, "Wow! Only___ days left till MY BIRTHDAY!" My third oldest, though is having a tough time with it. Being only 2 is rough news, with her birthday far off. She keeps asking for things like this...."Can have ----- for my birfday cake?" It doesn't matter what it is. It ranges from jelly beans to getting dressed in the morning. Silly kid.

Well off I go to decorate cakes, wrap presents, make party plans, pull something else doing pilates, bake bread, change diapers, referee, play pat-a-cake..........

*I will never take sleeping horizontal for granted again. Baby has a little reflux and needs to sleep most of the time with a more vertical position. Hence, me, baby, and the recliner.

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Duludes said...

Congrats on 9 years. It dose fly by so fast. Joel and I will be at 5 the 7th of Sept. I think the family Photo sounds like a great idea . I was actually trying to think of something that we could do for our anniversary and that came up. I would like to have some new professional photos taken of us. Good luck with getting some rest. I wish I could trade some of my peaceful nights of sleep for a few kids of my own. Funny how we always want something we don't have.