Friday, May 02, 2008

Breathing A Sigh of Relief

AH! Friday!

This week felt like a whole month was crammed into these last seven days. Since I can't curl up in a dark corner with a box of See's Chocolate, I declared today, Backward's Day, and started with Movie Night. I am exhausted and it is only 9:24 am. Good compromise, no? The kids are happy and I am able to catch up on my much needed reading. And by reading, I mean blogging. :D

Priorities, people, priorities!

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esperanza said...

And you know--don't even feel guilty about it! You deserve it! I have actually done someting similar before. One Saturday morning I was so stressed out from school that I did watch a movie that I knew would make me cry so that I could get the emotions out early in the morning! Hey it's good for the kids sometimes too!