Thursday, June 05, 2008

Summer Fun

This summer all bets are off! The kids and I are taking a muchly needed break from school and all other such things. We have been experiencing burn out, not just the kids, but me too! I think that we have been pushing a little hard in efforts for next summer's crazy adventures with graduation, moving, and settling in a new location. So between a smidgen of belated spring cleaning and reorganization around our house to spruce up our home, we have been hanging out the laundry for that oh-so-summer-fresh scent that I dream of all winter long.


Anyway the kids decided to surprise me one afternoon with taking down the laundry from our Ikea pop-up, foldable laundry thingies that I had brought in earlier but hadn't managed to get to yet. They made up a new game, that would rival the three amigos. Behold the Cactus Kids.

"Watch out! Were thorny, Mom!" As they poked each other and folded/mangled our crunchy dry clothes. At least I got a fluff cycle. Just didn't know it would come from the kids.
Here's Jelly Bean coming to wrangle in the fun.


Duludes said...

Is it your husband graduating? I can't remember what he is studying? Where would you be moving too? It seem like are husbands might be doing the same thing. Nursing to Nurse Anesthetist. Joel has 1 more quarter to finish then he will have is Bachelors in Nursing. Beginning of next year we can start applying to Nurse Anesthetist schools. Yeah!

aquamarine said...

Yes! But not for another 10 1/2 months. He will graduate with is BA in nursing. I can not wait. But then he is doing what Joel is, and on to Nurse Anesthetist. As for moving we are still mulling over several possibilities, I just know I don't want to stay in the student housing!

esperanza said...

That is the cutest thing ever! :D And you moved?!

aquamarine said...

Not yet, E...but next spring! I am moving toward your neck of the woods actually! Think the next major city just south of you. That is where we would like to anyway.