Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow is the Day

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Yep, officially tomorrow starts the last of the grueling semesters of nursing school for Mister. I can't but help squeal with delight every time I mention that! And pardon me, I do mention it A LOT. It has been a long tough road, that we hope will benefit us as a family.

School is seriously one of the hardest things that has tested our relationship. Being sane with all the demands of school, parenting, work, lack of work, student loans piling up, etc. and then not taking it out on each other or the kids has been tricky. I am fully prepared to bawl like a baby at his graduation ceremony, just so all of you don't think I am crazy when it comes time. Heaven knows lots of sweat and tears have been part of the whole process, they should end it too. :) But in being positive and looking forward to a new beginning I wanted to list all the things that I have been grateful for in our crazy journey so far:

  • welcoming our beautiful Jellybeans into our family
  • Baptizing Girly
  • having the best neighbors on the planet!
  • excellent friends and family near and far that have cheered us on
  • not living in an apartment for the last three and half years that has, albeit small, patio space that I can shoo the kids out onto
  • having a kitchen big enough to open both the dishwasher and the fridge at the same time
  • learning some really great frugal tricks that I might not ever have tried before like making my own babywipes, laundry soap, and finding out babysoap works just fine for a facial cleaner
  • line drying clothes in the summer takes 15 minutes
  • line drying clothes in the winter takes less than an hour
  • that material things I thought I needed have some how become less important to me
  • how much it means to have a good working washer,dryer, and dishwasher!
  • that I am capable of handling far more than I gave myself credit for!
So here is to a successful last semester and to surviving it all!


Lara said...

Yay! Congratulations! We were in school for the first 7.5 years of our marriage, and I actually miss it a lot. Yes, it was hard. Very very hard, but in some ways it's harder being in the "real world." Still, I know just how you feel!

You should post some of those frugal tips, like how to make your own babywipes. I'd be interested.

Duludes said...

Yeah that is so exciting. Joel got his BA in Nursing in December and is enjoying being done with school for awhile. He is dreading having start applications for Masters Programs. He is also gearing up to take his GRE . He is also working hard at getting ICU experience as that is a big part of getting into the Masters Programs. Hang in there.

ladyshanae said...

We are so excited for you all to finish school! Congrats on getting through it! It will all be worth it in the end.

Now hurry up and move closer so we can see you all more! Let us know when the big Graduation Day is - maybe Caroline and I can come down for it!

*big hugs*

WalkConkies said...

Way to go! I'm sure it hasn't been easy, but I can feel that those experiences have made you who you are today!!!

esperanza said...

This--is a beautiful post! I love it! Isn't it amazing how much the Lord can make us/help us learn even through the hard things--but I think it is your perspective that has helped you learn those things as well-seeing things on the bright side, I am convinced is esential to growth! Yeah!

Linda said...

Congrats! I remember my graduation from nursing school, some 16 yrs ago. A wonderful time of new and exciting experiences await. I have had to retire due my health, but before I did, I taught at a Nursing School here in Iowa and loved it! Being only 39 and already finished with my career, makes me long for the excitement you all are feeling. Again congratulations and enjoy!

alwaysadorable said...

Thanks everyone for your positive feedback and encouragement!