Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Breathing... least for the next three weeks. Finals are over! We will lead a temporary existence of normalcy. (What ever that is?) Thank heavens for winter break. It couldn't have come any sooner. Well who am I kidding? It could have come anytime and I would have been ecstatic! ;) But in the nick of time is more like it seeing as my husband's vehicle didn't start this morning on the way to his last exam. It just isn't Christmas break without a little car doctoring to do. But I am glad that he will be home more to help me with the rugrats. My right leg is now an off color of flesh tone and purple with my left leg running a short second behind. It is kind of my little joke now. When I make it to church everyone asks if I have broken my ankle. If only they knew.

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Lei said...

congrats on the girl news! i was breezing through some old posts of mine and saw that you had commented (this was a while back). i don't think i ever stopped by before now! sorry - that was about the time i had my baby and wasn't keeping real good tabs on my readers. anyway, glad to have found you! lol!