Thursday, February 22, 2007

Go Figure

I finally understand my Mother.

When we were kids, getting new things was a very rare occurance, which is not a complaint but just a fact. Once upon a time my mom was expecting a brand new washer and dryer. I thought, of all the things to get new, this was not one of the exciting things. Little did my elementary brain comprehend.

Fast forward to now. Here I am sitting with anticipation like it is Christmas Eve, counting down the hours until my brand new washer and dryer arrive. After listening to my jet engine sounding dryer and typhoon mimicking washer I can not wait to hear the blissful whir of my machines doing there job!

I thought my Mom was crazy. She was! Crazy for things that create sanity with out driving you nuts~LOL.

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esperanza said...

LOL. So true!