Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nothing like Nesting

I think I have begun nesting. You know the need to put everything in pristine, complete order before the baby arrives, yeah I am pretty much full boar. This happens every time, usually at the four weeks left mark. I think she is coming a week early, if I don't count all the crazy planning and prepping I did last week. *smiles sheepishly* Thank heavens my mom arrives in about two. Then it won't matter to much if Baby 4 makes an early appearance. Then I will finally be able to rest easy and quite having "water-breaking" dreams every night. (It has the same sensation as dreaming about being in a crowded room completely n.a.k.e.d. but then starting labor and being soaking wet. )

I have been loading the freezer with dinners, all kinds of breads, pancakes, cookie dough, and jams, making bulk instant oatmeal for those morning when that is all that can happen, and cooked beans (easier than canned). Then there is the actual baby items being accounted for, cleaned, and put in its proper place. I finally got her car seat ordered and it should be here next week. Believe it or not I will have four restraining devices in my van now. Two booster seats and two car seats.

And as a bonus, I was able to get almost all of our monthly grocery needs, besides food storage items, for under $200. Next post I will do my tag, about the four things list.


Scully said...

Good luck! When you said you had four car seats, I almost choked on my water. How can someone as young as I am have 4? I can't even remember to feed my fish every morning, let alone feed and dress 4 other humans! You are amazing!

esperanza said...

I second the good luck! You are amazing! Have you named the future new one yet?

aquamarine said...

Thanks, ladies. The first name we have for sure, but her middle name is proving quite a challenge this time around. It also makes it harder that this is the last time more chances. heheh