Friday, April 27, 2007

Good News???

Had an ultrasound today. By the projections at a little less than 37 weeks she is already 8 lbs 11 oz and has the head of a full term baby. I don't think I have 23 days left. By her head circumference, I am 39 1/2 weeks along. Even if she is in for two more weeks she will weigh almost 11 pounds!!!! Yikes! Any one up for some power walking???? I don't have babies, I have toddlers. ;)

All joking aside, I feel ready and very excited by this news. It is like getting Christmas a little early. I know there could be a potential emergency c-section if her head proves to be to much for me, but I am willing to give a try.....especially since I will have an epidural this time. It is funny that my last will be my first. I have done all my other kids au naturale. My third weighed 9lbs, 3 oz, so she was big too.

But 11 pounds! Oy, 11 pounds.


Panini said...

Congrats! That is one big baby. I'm all over those shots but why are you switching? Enough to prove you can do it a few times or was it about that head circumference? :)

aquamarine said...

Panini~completely that head circumference! ;) No but seriously, it is because last time I bruised my leg so badly that I ended up with phlibitis in my leg. (Step down from blood clot.) So this time I am trying to stay more relaxed...hence the epidural. And the fact that my doctors think there could be a potential c-section if I can't get her out. I am already prepped if I start with the epi.

esperanza said...

Congrats! on your baby! Labor sounds like he*$ no matter how you do it, but yeah! about the new little spirit that will be in your home!!!!