Thursday, August 23, 2007

Go Figure

Starting this Friday I am joining women across blogdom to put a few (*coughs*) pounds behind us, over at Mulit-tasking Moms with Amber's help:

"Leslie Sansone's In Home Walking has agreed to sponsor us! That's right, they are helping us kick off "Go Figure" by donating Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim System!!!

How great is that! Are you excited?! I know I am!"

I have to agree with Amber on this one. So in my efforts to join in and take one for the team I am going to share by two bits for this entry,

  1. Make exercise fun. What ever it takes, if that means buying a cute work-outfit or putting on your favorite it!
  2. My second "trick" is to drink water first when I get cravings. It is hot here next to the earths core (AZ) and I am sure there is no humanly possible way to drink all the water that I should be getting. This way it is the first off the list before diving into my temptation.

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