Monday, September 17, 2007

Did I Say Treading???? (See title description)

Only by sheer cunning and refusal to give up, I have fashioned a snorkel out of paper towel tubes, painters tape, an insurmountable amount of laminate and glitter...cause, well, I like things pretty. ;) Life is crazy right now! For all my dear friends, I think and pray for you often! I read your blogs but don't necessarily have two hands to type a witty comment, let alone manage to assimilate a cognitive thought! I miss you all and hope you know that I am still here and not to give up on me.....eventually my head will resurface.


esperanza said...

Was the snorkle for a wall decoration or an early halloween costume for the kids? Miss having you post a lot! How is the baby?

aquamarine said...

haha...sorry, I must have been slightly ambiguious about the snorkle. It was a metaphor for surviving while drowning in life's tempest. The subtitle of my blog is "an eclectic mother of 4, treading motherhood as a college widow". So sorry for the confusion, but you gave me a great idea for a project that would keep my kids happy for days. ;)

Scully said...

I'm glad to know you are still alive. I'm sure all the home-schooling and the new baby and all eats up your time. Good luck and know I'm thinking about you. Hope you resurface soon!