Friday, January 04, 2008

Kiddie Quip

On rare occasion, I will catch a glimpse of sleep I like to call "napping". This is what it looked like:

I pulled another record for me of not sleeping more than 4 hours straight for a week. I think one can agree that makes for exhaustion, no? Therefore I was in dire need of wink or two from the sleep department. Then it happened, Monkey and Dear Baby were napping at. the. same. time!
It becomes a race against the odds, will one wake up? Can I get the others busily working on something productive, but independent at the same time that will last, say more than 10 minutes? With all children in order, I grab my pillow and make a B-line to the couch, so that I might be a force for good choice making while I am unconsious for those still awake.

Girly happens to be playing horses on the floor next to me. This girl has more than enough to keep her occupied, scaled down-life like-wooden stable accompanied with matching corral, and almost all the horses one girl could possibly ask for. So I


"Yes, sweety?"

"How come...(some question I can't remember)"

"Not sure, let's look it up when I am done napping. Sound good?"

......silence....some snoring ;).......


"Yes, dear. Mommy is trying to take a quick nap. I am very tired."

"Okay, but why does......(more questioning)"

I think you get the picture. After about five more rounds of this and very little napping eureka strikes.

"Mom. Your sleeping!"

"That's right. Mommy is closed for the next half hour. I will reopen after my nap."

"Ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay!"

Girly then plays happily for precisely the next half hour. Well at least I know she understand time correctly!

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