Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Half-way to My Visible Results

I needed a few minutes here, to pat myself on the back.

After being pudgy most my life, to pleasantly plump in high school, I have lost, gained, lost, gained, and a few more times, over the course of my life. Between pregnancies and baby weight of four children, I finally feel like I am in a stage of my life that I need to have control over my body. I crave energy and stamina that can last me until I am 102!

I am tired of missing being an active part in my life. Next time this year, I don't want to have think about losing weight or getting healthy, because I will already have reached that. Maybe, finally, I will be able to make exciting goals that are actually living instead of wasting years on this diet or this new trick for a slimmer me. I am quitting being obsessed with losing weight. So long story short, I bought a sure fire, get-my-butt-in-gear, no messing around transFIRMation workouts as a lifestyle change. I plan on doing this until I am a spunky grandma whose got her own little workout group. ;)

I have managed to live a week of my new life, and believe it or not I truly have seen results already. My energy is through the roof, my insomnia is waining, and physically I don't feel like I am busting at the seams anymore. I have almost lost a whole dress size!

This is worth tooting about, right?


Scully said...

Congratulations! You'll have to post pictures later on down the road. You could do a whole before & after series like in all the ads. Way to go!

Heidi said...

I love the FIRM workouts! My college roomies used to make fun of me, but I've been an addict OFF (most of the time) and ON since Mrs. Paris in High School. Did you take her aerobics class?!? I'm glad I finally found all of your blogs thanks to the references on the side! Good luck! Oh, and I won't be doing the FIRM for a few months atleast due to my being very great with child! In fact, our ward is starting (after my long desiring) a Fitness Group and a bunch of other Enrichment groups and I had to force my hand not to sign my name on that one!!!

esperanza said...

Excellent! Keep us up to date on the progress!It so hard after Christmas when the taste of goodies just does not want to go away!