Monday, February 04, 2008

Three plus One and Some Bread

Left to Right:
Monkey, I think her impish face explains it all,
Girly, looking sophisticated in her new glasses, and Darling Boy.
By the way that is a piece of gum from primary. He wanted to show it off.

Jelly Beans, sucking her bottom lip.

And this is what I did today, instead of eating goodies. I guess I ended up making some. LOL. But I couldn't very well eat them and take a picture because than all of you would know. Mmmmm, homemade-whole wheat cinnamon rolls and bread. I bet you wish you were having breakfast at my house tomorrow, huh?


Scully said...

Tell Girly I think her glasses are awesome and that, if she doesn't mind, I might just copy her when I get new frames in August. Sadly the red/pink would clash with my hair, so I'll have to make it blue or green. Your daughter has style!

esperanza said...

Such a cute family and you just made me wish I wasn't dieting when I looked at those mouth-watering bread products! I have to ban myself from bread sadly! :)

Katie said...

Your family is adorable! And I DO wish I was eating breakfast at your house! YUM!

aquamarine said...

Thanks, Katie!