Friday, February 01, 2008

Kicking the Habit

Sugar is my Achilies heel.

I can exercise until the cows come home, (no pun intended), but without giving up my "d.r.u.g" of choice, I will be running in circles, literally, without any improvements. Why on earth would I want to waste the hard earned hour of exercise with junk, you ask me? Sugar, sweets, chocolate, you name it, help me feel calm, rewarded, and in a way justified. But in the end, all I get in return is a backside like Aunt Fanny (the motherly double-wide bottomed robot from, 'Robots, the movie') and zero energy.

I think we all know, that to kick a habit in order for it to be permanent it must be replaced with an acceptable alternative. The warning is out, if you don't want to see alot of crafts and handiwork....look the other way. ;)


Heidi said...

You've just got to join us in Good Reads b/c there is a girl I know who hasn't eaten any sugar for 5 years! OK, I have been putting off reading this book b/c (not to mention the fact that there are atleast a dozen books I want to read more) I don't want to give up sugar! But, someday I'm going to read that book and I'm sure I won't be as determined as she has been to completely rid it from my diet! (I guess the author believes that sugar is the worst kind of drug) Anyway, I'll let you know what I learn if I get around to reading it! I'm sure I'm a much worse addict than you!!!

esperanza said...

It is hard! I try to channel it into dark chochlate, that seems to pull me through instead of simpler sugars, so I just keep a bag of special dark chochlate chips in the cubbord and don't allow anything else! Sugar is my drug of choice too! :)

aquamarine said...

Heidi, I am thrilled to be in contact with you again. What a delighted surprise! I must check my email again, and make sure I join up too! Sounds like a blast. Anytime I can get a few good reading choices in I am all for it!

Oh but sugar. That love/hate relationship. How I love to eat it, but how I hate to see it the next day deposited as cushion on my body.

E~I am afriad of keeping anything in the house only because I think I might snarf the whole bag down in two seconds flat! LOL Detox is one interesting creature!!!

Heidi said...

OK, I've eaten like 20 heart-shaped sugar cookies the last few days!!! And before that it was hershey kisses, which Andy informed me that if you eat like 1 a day over your recommended calorie intake, will help you gain 10 pounds in 1 year! So, I of course stayed away from those and switched to holiday cookies. Aren't holiday treats like b-day cake - no calories?!? I wish! Hey, did that link work to Good Reads?!? I forgot to look for that book at the library yesterday!

aquamarine said...

No luck for the link, yet. I will keep watching though. LOL about the cookies. I completely think that the birthday cake rule should apply!