Friday, July 18, 2008

A Decade Gone By

Yep, there we are a decade and a day ago on our wedding day. It doesn't seem that long, honestly. But it has to have been since my oldest is almost 8. Another weirdness for another post.

Aren't we cute? I remember it being a sweltering 105 degrees, which oddly enough I now find quite pleasant after spending the last three years in an inferno, a.k.a. Arizona.

It all happened because I had the desire to learn to swing dance. Those pesky singles activities. At 18 which I don't recommend as a good age for being wed, and hope that my daughters will be at least 20 before such craziness ensues, but it was the right time for us. At 18, I had goals, baby! Big ones. I was headed places to do things, learn things, and get an art degree and travel to be inspired by all the Greats of the art community. And there he was, tall (6' 7"), eyes the color of the Caribbean ocean, and so very strong.

Oh, sure things started out innocently enough at first. We were just friends. Then good* friends, then DTR (determine the relationship) friends, then fiances. I couldn't resist his gentlemanly charm and his goofiness. If anyone can make me laugh when I feel the worst it is Mister. He adores me and I like it that way.

A lot happens in 10 years, specifically speaking, four kids, moving five times, and developing a new career changes everything! I never imagined I would be in Arizona homeschooling four kids, helping my hubby get through nursing school. But I am so grateful to be in the life that I have. It is more than I could have ever imagined in all my dreaming and scheming a decade ago.

Stressful? Beyond belief!

Worth it? Absolutely!

*There is a funny story to this. Mister wasn't sure if we were boyfriend-girlfriend yet, even though we had been dating exclusively for about three weeks now. So at a mission reunion he started to introduce me as his girlfriend but ended up saying, "Gir-oodfriend". LOL That is why I was never his girlfriend, just a goodfriend. :)


Poetic Painter said...

Congratulations on ten years!

Leah said...

Dang Girl... 10 years!! you guys look so cute so long ago... still do ;) I was excited to learn you are still coming up in Aug.... very excited about that. Should be some more fun times and some more late nights.

I will be looking for that bread recipe... very excited!!

ladyshanae said...

Congrats on 10 years of putting up with that punk! *giggles* Thanks again for letting us crash on your living room floor. I wish we could have stayed and visited longer, but alas! It was a whirlwind tour!

I hope you two found something fun to do for your 10th! I remember that day all too well and you both looked stunning - even if I was MAD about being out in that heat and 9 months pregnant! Bwahahahaha! Somehow I still manage to love you both!

Anyway - give all your kiddos hugs and tell them all hi from us!

Duludes said...

Congrats on 10yrs, thats forever in todays world. Your pictures are cute, I can't believe how tall your husband is. I wish we had some of your guys height. So where is your husband with school right now? Are you guys moving? Applying to schools?

kclittle said...

I love your post! You have done a lot in 10 years and I love that you have been by us for the last 3of them. hope you had a great anniversary - can we watch the kids while you and Ben go out and celebrate?

esperanza said...


Kirsty said...

Happy anniversary! Your wedding pictures are lovely, where did you get married? Congrats on 10 whole years! :)