Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trying to Make Lemonade

You know the saying. Life is crazy here right now.

Uncertain health issues have developed with Jelly Beans. For the past couple of months she has been having fevers that can get up to almost 106 degrees. Yeah, not good especially since she is only 14 months old. The Doc also discovered a heart murmur during the last check up as well. I am trying not to worry to much, because really what will that accomplish. But if you know me, I am doing quite the opposite. "Worst Scenario" keeps running through my mind. And believe me I have a very productive imagination.

Friday, we will know more. We tortured her with x-rays and blood draws over the long weekend. I think she and I are both traumatized from those. I just want to pick her up and make everything all better and I can't. This is out of my control.

Seeing as I do so well, with lack of control, *coughs*. Well I can think I do, right? I have lost a serious outlet, my computer. It sits on my desk in shambles from some work done on it in hopes that Mister could recover the last two and half years of my life. I think we are going to need professional help. Ahhhhh, all my photos. Okay I am not thinking about it right now.

Onto the Lemonade portion. Birthdays galore at our house this week. Girly is 8 two days ago and Darling Boy is now 6! I have been baking cakes like I own a bakery around here or something. I will post pictures when feasible.

So that is what I am trying to focus on right now. Spending happy moments with the kiddlie-winks and not think about the big fat nasy basket of preverbial lemons residing in our house.


Leah said...

Dang girl!! good luck with the lemonade!! are you still coming for a visit in a few weeks? I hope everything is ok with that daughter of yours. It is so hard when your child is sick and you can't make it all go away. Please keep me posted.

Good luck with the computer. we were able to fix ours but I know the feeling of not having that outlet, not fun. we sure love you guys!

ladyshanae said...

Goodness! We will keep your little jelly bean in our prayers, as well as your family. If you need computer help, feel free to give us a call and my hubby will do what he can to help! As long as he's packing while he's talking!!!

Have fun with the birthdays - we have one today! So exciting! I hope your kiddos have enjoyed (or will enjoy!) their special days!

esperanza said...

Oh, girl! *prayers with you* Wish life was ever perfectly easy, even for one day!