Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Setting Some Records

  • My first child was baptized.
  • Have a child old enough to be baptized. ;)
  • Devouring over 4,000 pages of novels and 216 pages of curriculum while my computer was out of commission.
  • Attempting to educate my children for the fourth year.
  • Teaching myself how to play the guitar.
  • Breaking out of my shell to be the organizer of a monthly educational party group.
  • Survive another blazing hot summer in the Southwest. The Autumn breeze is almost cool...if I think about it hard enough.


Scully said...

I cannot believe you have a child old enough to be baptized! Also, I'm so impressed at your dedication to home schooling. I could never do it. And Yay! for the guitar.

aquamarine said...

The guitar definitely has been my favorite little obsession lately!

esperanza said...

Congrats on those extraoridnary accomplishment! ANd believe me, to one who has done NONE of those things, you are amazing!!