Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What is that?

This is your animal cell on jello:

This is your plant cell on jello:

Any questions?

Yes, they did want to taste them. Me? No thank you. I prefer not to eat things that look like primordial ooze.

In Other News:
Homeschool as been fun to say the least! We have been focusing on Family/Personal history for English assignments. This is one of our projects. Leaf crown to show we are from a family tree, but a royal line seeing as we are children of God. I think the kids' favorite part had to be yanking the leaves off the branches to form a big leaf pile. (Thank you Dollar Tree!) For them, a leaf pile is quite the phenomenon here in the land of cactus needles and dead grass.

The African masks were a big hit too. Boo couldn't resist the call of the rainbow. Everything is rainbow these days. Didn't you know? Rainbows are all the preschool fashion!


Amanda T said...
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esperanza said...

Wow! What a great teacher you are! Looks like fun, can I be in your class! And yeah, wow, the cells, yick. :D