Saturday, January 10, 2009

We Survived Flu '08 and Other Musings

Finally after weeks of passing sickness to one another we are free from it! The holidays were interesting to say the least with all of us not feeling so well. But we managed to make just a few ornaments!

We made of course the traditional paper chain for each child so they could count down the days without fighting over who's turn it was every morning. I don't have a picture of ours because well they aren't chains anymore...more like Christmas confetti now.

But we did make what I think is one of the most delightful and easiest tree ornaments by using white pipe cleaners. We made 3D snowflakes. They also have the added benefit of being really fun to toss at the tree as well! Just remember to either do it before you put on the glass ornaments or leave those off altogether. I will have to dig pictures up when I can.

As for other ornaments, we were all to sick or had to many sickies for me to do any more involved crafts this year. We barely got the tree up the Monday before Christmas day. It was a minimalists kind of Christmas, which was actually kind of nice. We enjoyed the season the best we could and now I am glad that we are to the New Year!

I am thrilled that we have finally made it to 2009! Because it means Mister will graduate this May!!! It is coming faster than I thought it would but will be ready by May to take on our new adventure where ever that takes us. Only four full months left...


WalkConkies said...

Hopefully that "wherever" is Utah! Glad you guys are feeling better. This is the first year my kids haven't been sick for Thanksgiving AND Christmas for years! But, I'll take the germs if the kids come with them :)! Hope your 2009 is great!!!

alwaysadorable said...

Me too, me too, WalkConkies!!! There would way to much fun to have! Not that I am counting down or anything...LOL