Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Takin' a Chill Pill

Good Grief!

I must be certifiably insane trying to homeschool 4 kids ages 8 and under, be a counselor in the Relief Society Presidency, run a household with my hubby MIA with his BSN underway and then...decide a craft show is a good idea!

What was I thinking???

Hence the need for a chill pill. I was so tired today I could barely keep my eyes open because I have been working full time at night sewing till my fingers are pricked purple, drawing until my fingers need splints and going to bed past 2 AM every night...morning....night?

Kind of all blurring together these days. :)

So tonight...no business, no school, no chores...just chillin' surfing the net and reading my favorite blogs.

Who am I kidding. My over-obsessive tendencies to go full throttle when I have an idea has me speed reading through ehow and making banners, avatars, and product development. But still....

that's chillin' for me.


Emotionally Consumed said...

Yes I think to do all that you have to be insane, but I am in utter awe over it! You are my hero. You might be insane but you've managed to keep it together enough to not get locked up! Congratulations, that's no small feat! I love ya! Hang in there! You can do it! I believe in you!

Heidi A. said...

oh my gosh --- is all I can say! :)

Hang-in-there and don't do anything else. :)

I remember a quote by Elder Holland who said something like "Thank God there is a night between two days". He's so right!

Heidi A. said...

I forgot to mention how truly remarkable you are!
Bless you for your willingness to keep going through the challenges and rough storms!
Hope you got a little break today!
and, perhaps, a nice hot bath? :)

Lara said...

Insane, but it's okay. I think we all have a bit of that insanity in us! I certainly do! :)

I saw that you were following my friend Erin's blog, and I recognized your profile pic from Facebook...and realized, I'd lost the link to your blog a long time ago. So, glad to have found it again.

Lara said...

PS...your dolls are adorable!

aquamarine said...

Thanks Lara!

Yes I have been trying to find everyone's blogs that I used to follow as well.

Switched blogs after some weirdness with the other one.

Glad to have been found. :)

Marivic_Little GrumpyAngel said...

Like I indicated on a previous comment, you are remarkable. You deserve to chill now and again.

I will be on blog-cation and will not be able to visit and comment for awhile. Bummer since I only barely discovered you but I will be back when my blog-cation is over . Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Pedaling said...

thanks for following my site.
love yours and i really love your making the most of it quote on your side bar.
also, the colors of your site and header are so inviting and relaxing.
nice to meet you
have a great weekend

The family said...

I know I am sooo behind on checking out blogs....I feel like I haven't been to yours in at least a month (sorry). It's good to be back.

esperanza said...

What did you make for your craft show? How fun!

aquamarine said...

Esperanza~I will have almost all my art available in prints or order form, and then tutus and plush dolls. Here's wishing I sell out, ;)

WalkConkies said...

Wow, you are amazing. Hope you get some rest before Christmas and if not, LOTS of rest after Christmas!!!